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Welcome to Sept-Ember

Welcome to Sept-Ember

We're thrilled to introduce a new, organic Canadian skincare line in our Home store apothecary collection: Ember Wellness. We had a chance to chat with founder Amanda Schuler recently about what inspired her to leave behind a career in design to create her line of cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic and sustainable products.

Can you tell us how and why Ember Wellness came to be? 

Ember Wellness began in 2021 out of a combination of personal passion, a commitment to sustainability, and a desire to address an empty space in the clean beauty industry. I have always had a deep appreciation for effective, high-quality ingredients and believed that there had to be superior skincare options available in the market. We looked around and just weren't finding what we needed. That's when the testing began!
Ember Wellness facial oils
What is the process for ideating, creating and releasing products? 
We worked with world famous beauty labs in Canada to formulate our oils and hydrosols and launch the innovative solid beauty Sculpt & Glow Bar. Every single ingredient is tested for identity, potency, oxidation, disintegration and purity - without exception. Sustainability in the beauty industry is the driving force behind a lot of the decisions Ember Wellness makes when creating a product, and because of my background in design and furniture, it has to look gorgeous on your shelf!  
Do you have any current favorites in the line? 
I tend to toggle between products quite often, depending on the season or even how my day is going! When I'm on the go, I opt for the Sculpt & Glow Bar as a makeup and foundation alternative. Its solid form gives me peace of mind that it won't leak or explode in my bag. For nighttime skincare, I love using the 03 Oil to reap the benefits of beautiful bakuchiol. I have the 05 Duo in my gym bag to help with oil production, and I use the 02 Hydrosol throughout the day for its refreshing scent!
Ember Wellness hydrosols
What are you most proud of at this point in Ember's evolution? 
I love the strides we've made in educating beauty lovers about the importance of solid beauty like our Sculpt & Glow Bar - it represents the future we quickly need to embrace as consumers. We've created an innovative product that is plastic free, recyclable and refillable, while adding a touch of luxury, self-care and eco-conscious efforts to our daily lives. Also, all of our products are cruelty-free and we are proud to share that we were recently certified under the Leaping Bunny program.
What differentiates Ember from other companies in the ever-growing skincare and wellness industry? 
We feel there is innovation in simplification. Our products contain remarkably few ingredients, and we've noticed that people turn to us to detoxify both their skin and their skincare routines. Once they experience the effectiveness of our products, they become avid enthusiasts.
Ember Wellness Sculpt & Glow Bar
What are you looking forward to most for the future? 
Top secret...but we have a few other solid beauty products coming down the pipeline!
I'm sold on the benefits of solid beauty! How do I use my Sculpt & Glow Bar?

Gently begin to warm the bar with your hands to activate it. Once it has begun to soften, glide it directly onto your skin using upward strokes along the jawline, cheekbone, eyelid and forehead, then massage the luxurious moisture into your skin with your fingers. Alternatively, massage it between your hands, applying the excess on the face for a healthy glow.

We recommend treating the bar as you would your makeup, tools, and anything else applied directly to the skin. Always use it with clean hands on clean skin, and keep the bar and tin dry. 
Thank you Amanda! Explore the Ember Wellness collection online, or test them out for yourself next time you're in the Home store and experience what makes these elegant products so special. 

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