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- Jo Gordon

"I love things that are made honestly and function well. Wool is an honest, functional material and Scotland has a long history of making and producing the best knitwear in the world. It is driven by people with incredible skills and since I started I’ve worked with mills that share my passion for tradition and craft. Often small, these manufacturers understand the importance of keeping their skills alive. They are the best at what they do and supply a quality and authenticity that is at the heart of what I produce."

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Maison Fabre

"Our history began in the year 1924, in the city of Millau, Etienne Fabre, master glove maker, founded his glove making enterprise. In the early days he hand cut the leather shoulder to shoulder with his brother. Several sewists came to the factory to collect work and complete in their homes... In July 2008 Maison Fabre's first Parisian boutique opened, tucked away under the famous arches of the Palais Royale. A perfect, discreet jewel box to become lost in the vast diversity of materials, colors and styles that are the pride of Maison Fabre. This opening brought notoriety to Maison Fabre as the address on the Rive Droit, is known for being historic, touristic and firmly fashion oriented."

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