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Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey's first designs were for Manhattan's downtown music scene. Her collection has evolved to reflect these beginnings and her Fine Art background, with chic modern silhouettes crafted in custom fabrics.


Chale TopFront of Chale Top
Rachel Comey
Chale Top Sale price$ 350.00
Blaring ClogBlaring Clog on table
Rachel Comey
Blaring Clog Sale price$ 450.00
Donne BlazerFront of Donne Blazer
Rachel Comey
Donne Blazer Sale price$ 525.00
Barrie Jumpsuit in OliveFront of Barrie Jumpsuit in Olive
Barrie Jumpsuit in BlackFront of Barrie Jumpsuit in Black
Claud BeltClaud Belt on table
Rachel Comey
Claud Belt Sale price$ 195.00
Coxsone Pant in BlackFront of Coxsone Pant in Black
Final SaleMisty Dress in YellowFront of Misty Dress in Yellow
Rachel Comey
Misty Dress in Yellow Sale price$ 315.00 Regular price$ 525.00
Misty Dress in OliveFront of Misty Dress in Olive
Rai TopFront of Rai Top
Rachel Comey
Rai Top Sale price$ 395.00
Final SaleField VestFront of Field Vest
Rachel Comey
Field Vest Sale price$ 195.00 Regular price$ 325.00
Jordan HeelJordan Heel on table
Rachel Comey
Jordan Heel Sale price$ 475.00
Omni VestFront of Omni Vest
Rachel Comey
Omni Vest Sale price$ 350.00
Algardi JacketFront of Algardi Jacket
Rachel Comey
Algardi Jacket Sale price$ 550.00
Final SaleMarvel TopFront of Marvel Top
Rachel Comey
Marvel Top Sale price$ 237.00 Regular price$ 395.00
Leto TankFront of Leto Tank
Rachel Comey
Leto Tank Sale price$ 275.00
Tivoli DressFront of Tivoli Dress
Rachel Comey
Tivoli Dress Sale price$ 425.00
Relent Top in PinkFront of Relent Top in Pink
Rachel Comey
Relent Top in Pink Sale price$ 275.00
Estate Belt in NaturalEstate Belt in Natural
Estate Belt in BlackRachel Comey Belt
Steadfast JumpsuitFront of Steadfast Jumpsuit
Rachel Comey
Steadfast Jumpsuit Sale price$ 650.00
Barca PulloverFront of Barca Pullover
Rachel Comey
Barca Pullover Sale price$ 350.00
Fond Sweatshirt in OysterFront of Fond Sweatshirt in Oyster
Cropped TeeFront of Cropped Tee
Rachel Comey
Cropped Tee Sale price$ 295.00
Final SaleSaraco JumpsuitFront of Saraco Jumpsuit
Rachel Comey
Saraco Jumpsuit Sale price$ 285.00 Regular price$ 475.00
Ivins ShirtIvins Shirt
Rachel Comey
Ivins Shirt Sale price$ 425.00
Final SaleArdito DressFront of Ardito Dress
Rachel Comey
Ardito Dress Sale price$ 375.00 Regular price$ 625.00
Fresco DressFront of Fresco Dress
Rachel Comey
Fresco Dress Sale price$ 595.00
Final SaleHilma DressFront of  Hilma Dress
Rachel Comey
Hilma Dress Sale price$ 357.00 Regular price$ 595.00
Final SaleFleet Top in BlueFront of Fleet Top in Blue
Rachel Comey
Fleet Top in Blue Sale price$ 285.00 Regular price$ 475.00
Final SaleWolcott PantFront of Wolcott Pant
Rachel Comey
Wolcott Pant Sale price$ 315.00 Regular price$ 525.00
Final SaleFleet Top in ChartreuseFront of Fleet Top in Chartreuse
Rachel Comey
Fleet Top in Chartreuse Sale price$ 285.00 Regular price$ 475.00
Final SaleLang Blazer in ChartreuseFront of Lang Blazer in Chartreuse
Rachel Comey
Lang Blazer in Chartreuse Sale price$ 390.00 Regular price$ 650.00
Studded Cove Boot in BoneStudded Cove Boot in Bone on table
Studded Cove Boot in BronzeStudded Cove Boot in Bronze on table
Final SaleJupiter TeeFront of Jupiter Tee
Rachel Comey
Jupiter Tee Sale price$ 237.00 Regular price$ 395.00
Revere Sweatshirt in Dirty WhiteFront of Revere Sweatshirt in Dirty White
Final SaleBritta DressBritta Dress
Rachel Comey
Britta Dress Sale price$ 357.00 Regular price$ 595.00
Final SaleEmmerson CardiganFront of Emmerson Cardigan
Rachel Comey
Emmerson Cardigan Sale price$ 315.00 Regular price$ 525.00
Final SaleAccess ClogAccess Clog on table
Rachel Comey
Access Clog Sale price$ 297.00 Regular price$ 495.00
Altro DressFront of Altro Dress
Rachel Comey
Altro Dress Sale price$ 575.00
Bammy Pant in Black LeopardFront of Bammy Pant in Black Leopard
Lang JacketFront of Lang Jacket
Phelan TopFront of Phelan Top
Rachel Comey
Phelan Top Sale price$ 395.00
Barrie JumpsuitFront of Barrie Jumpsuit
Puerto Pant in KhakiFront of Puerto Pant in Khaki
Puerto Pant in BlackFront of Puerto Pant in Black
Final SaleAmares TopFront of Amares Top
Rachel Comey
Amares Top Sale price$ 347.50 Regular price$ 695.00