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Chloe Stora

Imagined and designed in Paris, Chloe Stora focuses on pieces that complement the lifestyle of the modern woman. The collection is inspired by a multitude of visual elements including figurative paintings, travel, black and white photos, Scandinavian designers like Poul Henningsen, the work of David Hochney, and even Wes Anderson movies.

The cornerstone of this collection is their designer's expertise in selecting quality fabrics as well as the importance of prints. Their signature is pairing minimalistic lines with vibrant prints allowing for an instant sense of style in easy to wear comfort.


Muguet DressFront of Muguet Dress
Chloe Stora
Muguet Dress Sale price$ 425.00
Milan DressFront of Milan Dress
Chloe Stora
Milan Dress Sale price$ 475.00
Dilia Chemise in MauveFront of Dilia Chemise in Mauve
Flo T ShirtFront of Flo T Shirt
Chloe Stora
Flo T Shirt Sale price$ 125.00
Miranda DressFront of Miranda Dress
Chloe Stora
Miranda Dress Sale price$ 395.00
Dido Blouse in RoiFront of Dido Blouse in Roi
Chloe Stora
Dido Blouse in Roi Sale price$ 235.00
Chloe Stora Dido Blouse in VanilleFront of Dido Blouse in Vanille
Dilia Chemise in BleuFront of Dilia Chemise in Bleu
Nicole Dress in RoiFront of Nicole Dress in Roi
Chloe Stora
Nicole Dress in Roi Sale price$ 395.00
Nicole Dress in VanilleFront of Nicole Dress in Vanille
Noel Dress in NougatFront of Noel Dress in Nougat
Noel Dress in RoiFront of Noel Dress in Roi
Chloe Stora
Noel Dress in Roi Sale price$ 345.00
Noemie DressFront of Noemie Dress
Chloe Stora
Noemie Dress Sale price$ 425.00
Nemo DressFront of Nemo Dress
Chloe Stora
Nemo Dress Sale price$ 445.00
Claire ChemiseFront of Claire Chemise
Chloe Stora
Claire Chemise Sale price$ 345.00
Amelie BlouseFront of Amelie Blouse
Chloe Stora
Amelie Blouse Sale price$ 265.00