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Living Incense / Holders


DBO Home Bronze Incense BurnerDBO Home Bronze Incense Burner
DBO Home
Bronze Incense Burner Sale price$ 170.00
Kunjudo Washi Paper Incense Strips Smoky Comfort motivating words incense strips
MQuan Tucker Sun Incense Burner MQuan Incense Burner in Tucker Sun
Breu Resin Incense in White SageBreu Resin Incense in White Sage with other incense parcels
Kame Incense BurnerOpen Kame Incense Burner
Breu Resin Incense in Charcona and JagubeOpened Breu Resin Incense in Charcona and Jagube
Breu Resin Incense in Palo SantoBreu Resin Incense in Palo Santo opened
Top of Brass Incense HolderBrass Incense Holder
Brass Incense Holder Sale price$ 125.00
Incausa copal incense scrollcopal incense incausa
Copal Incense Scroll Sale price$ 24.00
Kati Von Lehman incense houseKati Von lehman ceramics
Kati Von Lehman
Incense House Sale price$ 91.00
Incausa Large Stoneware Smudge Bowl in BlackLarge Stoneware Smudge Bowl in Black Incausa
Stoneware Clay Incense Burner In ShinoTop of Stoneware Clay Incense Burner In Shino
Incausa large smudge bowlincense bowl Incausa
Yield incense burnerhome incense burner Yield
Meso Incense Holder Sale price$ 64.00
Incausa Stoneware incense burnerblack incense burner incausa
Stoneware Clay Incense Burner in Piker White with incense stick and palo santoStoneware Clay Incense Burner in Piker White
Incausa Breu Resin Incense ParcelIncausa Breu Resin Incense Parcel Charcona & Jagube
Palo Santo Wood Incense BriquettesIncausa Palo Santo Wood Incense Bricks
Incausa Smudge BowlIncausa Smudge Bowl white
Smudge Bowl Sale price$ 24.00

2 colors available

Light + Ladder Vorta Candlestick and Incense HolderLight + Ladder Vorta Candlestick and Incense Holder in white
Saint Rita Parlor Incense Scents Rita's Car and Signature Fragrance Signature Fragrance Saint Rita Parlor Incense Cones
Incausa Wild White SageIncausa Small Wild White Sage
Hasami Porcelain Sandalwood IncenseHasami Porcelain Sandalwood Incense Sticks
Fort Standard Brass Fire Kit Waterproof Brass Fire Kit with matches and bottom striker
Fort Standard
Brass Fire Kit Sale price$ 98.00
Gift Wrapped Bath & Meditate BundleGift Wrapped Bath & Meditate Bundle on table
Incausa Medium Wild White Sage Medium Wild White Sage Incausa
Palo Santo IncenseIncausa Palo Santo Wood
Palo Santo Wood Sale price$ 4.80