The Road To Santa Fe

Old Town Road inspired fashion
From ‘90s grunge-inspired editorials to the electronic dance music that provides the soundtrack for the runway, designers and stylists have been continually inspired by what’s happening in music and pop culture. And, of course, our crew at Cedar & Hyde is no different! 
Nanushka Faux Leather Dress
Trave Sloan Jacket

Trave Emerson JacketA few weeks back, we hit the road to Santa Fe, NM for a shoot inspired by Lil’ Nas X’s breakout hit song, “Old Town Road,” which our whole shop could not stop singing along to. With its rare genre-bending trap sound and cowboy viral videos, “Old Town Road” inspired us to go beyond our own comfort zones, to ask ourselves, what if…? 

What if we also dared to express ourselves in unexpected ways? What if we opted for big pattern and bright color? What if we went with more than just “statement” boots, and maxed out with “statement” everything? What if we truly listened to our own aesthetics and our own judgment? 

Mara Hoffman Skirts

So let’s take some bigger risks and see what kind of rewards we might earn—we might revel in our own beauty, and become more curious, more playful, and ready to “ride ‘til we can’t no more.”


Mara Hoffman Suit

Location: El Rey Court | Model: Azuré M. Jaime | Hair: Sweep Balayage Bar  | Make Up: Alchemy Face Bar | Photography: Michelle Tippmann | Copywriting: Lauren Shizuko Stone

Rachel Comey Handy Pant

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