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Outerwear, Inspiration

Outerwear, Inspiration

Hey hi happy new year! The holiday season and its glorious chaos sure does a number on us, but we're happy to be back in the swing of things after a much-needed break. Some of us went full goblin on our time off, but Christie fulfilled a dream of hers and went to Japan!! It would be hard to distill such an incredible trip into this post, but a few common threads wove through her time there, and she was kind enough to share some inspiration from her journey...
Christie in JapanWe had the incredible opportunity to visit Japan this month, and it did not disappoint on any level. There was eye candy as far as one could see - it seems every detail of life in Japan is beautiful: the attention to detail from how they set your fork down for you in a restaurant, to the meticulously manicured trees, to the clean streets and people's impeccable manners, to the street fashion. My eyes were so excited to see so many people fully dressed in beautiful clothes. It was an incredible 10 days free from puffy jackets and yoga tights. Dapper was on display and I was into it!

Several trends revealed themselves, but what I noticed across all ages was that a beautiful coat made of exquisite material is an absolute must for life on the streets of Japan. This is my love language - I LOVE coats! Everybody has something in their lives that they can't get enough of, and for me, it's coats. I personally own an entire closet full of them, and I can't stop adding to the collection. Here are a few of the many coats I saw while walking the streets of Japan (please excuse not getting the best image while trying to respect the anonymity of the owner).
Coats of Japan
The coat is the key piece to an outfit when traveling, as it's what you wear over everything else day in and day out, so making sure you have a piece that goes with everything is essential. This is why I feel like you can never own too many. I decided while I was there that I needed to add one of the beautiful coats I saw walking the streets to my own personal collection back home.
Coats of Japan 2

My list of places I wanted to visit in Japan was long, but one place that was a must not miss was Stardust. I learned of Stardust because one of the brands we sell, Black Crane, is closely connected with the lovely owner, Kana ShimizuStardust is one of the most special places I've ever visited, and Kana has created a magical experience for all who enter. We had a delicious cabbage soup served with the most perfect utensils, in the most beautifully curated space, with the kindest people serving us. It was apparent this was the perfect place to get a new memorable coat. I tried on one of the works of art hanging on the rack while Kana told me about its Belgian designer, Jan Jan Van Essche The interaction reminded me of the connections I have with our designers, and the passion I feel about the lines we sell. 

Coats of Japan 3


Suffice to say, if you've got questions, comments or conundrums about outerwear in your own life, we're always here to help. Shop our collection

Special thank you to Poss for the Christie pic! 

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That picture of you with the golden yellow beret is inspiring. All elements so beautifully balanced. And that coat! I’m a coat fanatic myself with an emphasis on cozy, warm, beautiful. We’re going to Japan in October. Would love more insightful “musts” beyond the obvious ones. Hand made is in such abundance there – we’re inspired to travel back in time to when hand made was meaningful. Lovely post!

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