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Article: Kapital Global

Kaptial Japan USA stockist

Kapital Global

Kapital Japan Clothing

Nestled away in the Japanese countryside, a humble family run business called Kapital is crafting globally coveted garments that erupt the idea of what it means to tell stories through clothing. While in the West we are still getting to know Kapital, its roots can be traced back to the 1980s and Toshikiyo Hirata – who still runs operations to this day. Currently, under the creative direction of Toshikiyo’s son Kiro Hirata, denim is “a philosophy.” 

Kapital clothing

When Kapital was born, the straightforward Sashiko (indigo) dyed denim the company produced was the focus of their work. As Kiro’s vision advanced a new evolution appeared. The addition of Kapital Kountry repurposed old garments into lively motifs like the cultish “smiley” and “skeleton." The pieces we know now exceed denim and serve purposes beyond the built in reinforcement and cutting edge aesthetic. Among our favorite is Kountry’s “Souvenir jacket” because it gives us a one-of-a-kind, homespun piece. 

Kapital Fall Jackets

The familial and creative integrity of Kapital remains strong decades later as the business expands in both form and function – the "century denim" nomenclature Kapital started with certainly stands. As in, we’ll wear these for decades.

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Kapital denim
Women's clothing from Kapital Japan


Hair and Makeup : Sweep Balayage Bar
Models: Emma Shiers and Cameron Minlend
Photographer: Michelle Tippmann

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