Finding Reverie

Christian Wijnants Silk Dress
Lindsay Lidge of Reverie Field Farm offers beautiful Colorado grown bouquets on the weekend in our Home Store. We visited her stunning farm, and couldn't resist having a fresh fall shoot amongst the apple trees, sunflowers, and high grasses. Christian Wijnants' Fall collection offered the perfect pop in a sea of greenery, while his playful floral prints were right at home among the hydrangea and echinacea. Needless to say, we think we've found reverie right here in Boulder, Colorado. 
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Christian Wijnants Fall Sweaters
Unique women's jewelryLindsay Lidge of Reverie Farms
"As a long time gardener, I've grown our food and flowers for our family for years, but suddenly it occurred to me, what a necessary thing it is to share this awe and beauty with our community. I focus on growing a carefully curated selection of cut flowers and native plants using organic and sustainable practices. I'm completely absorbed by the changing season and the natural beauty that surrounds us." - Lindsay
Wildflower gardener

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