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Lindquist: To Love an Object

Lindquist: To Love an Object

One of the better things to come out of 2020 is our newest handbag designer LINDQUIST. The impeccable craftsmanship and materials of their stunning leather products are sure to make this brand a household name. Their bags are handcrafted and built to last by a small group of artisans based in  Philipsdale Landing, Rhode Island. LINDQUIST may be a new brand, but we are no stranger to their creative director.
Lindy of Lindquist Bags
Lindy, is a well-known, multifaceted, and talented artisan whose designs have been featured and praised by The New York Times, Vogue, Bloomberg, and more.

Elegance comes in all shapes and sizes at LINDQUIST. They create functional bucket bags, everyday totes, and a versatile crossbody bag that can be worn either on the waist or across the chest.
Faba sling style leather bag
The minute details in each bag make them truly one-of-a-kind. At LINDQUIST they believe that to love an object is to understand it's making. One of our favorite parts about these bags is that you can read about the story of how each piece came to be. Every bag is embossed with a symbol and numbers that represent the edition of your bag and the artists who created it.
lindquist leather tote
LINDQUIST only uses raw, natural materials that age with grace. The leather is fully vegetable-tanned using all-natural tannins and is made to handle the demands of everyday use. The thread in each bag is sourced from one of the last remaining thread manufacturers in France. The waxed linen and poly-cotton blend is assembled and twisted into three strands and then tinted and run through a beeswax bath. To complete the process they are brushed with horsehair and stretched ensuring a resistant and smooth texture. The craftsmanship process takes longer so that their products last longer.
Lindquist leather fanny pack
We see clothing and accessories as an extension of our identity and a way to outwardly express ourselves. LINDQUIST is a brand that cares about the quality and integrity of their pieces. Not only is each piece beautiful but you can wear it with pride knowing that each bag was created thoughtfully and ethically. LINDQUIST bags are expertly constructed and made to age gracefully alongside you. 
Image credit: Lindquist Object

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