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Chain Gang

Chain Gang

Stephanie Windsor loves chains. A visit to her jewelry collection site (an incredible repository of museum-quality antique and modern treasures) features your standard navigation headings - "earrings," "bracelets," "necklaces" - and one notable outlier: "WE LOVE CHAINS." After 40 years in the jewelry industry, our girl knows what she likes, and what she's talking about. 

Stephanie Windsor chain styles

Our selection of Stephanie's jewelry in the Apparel store tends to get a lot of attention; nothing stands out quite like a buffet of glittering, solid yellow gold. We love all her designs, but we have to agree that her chains are something special. If you're new to a heftier, chain-style statement necklace, it can be hard to know what you're looking at - here's a breakdown of common styles for ease of identification.  

Oval link - a classic, simple chain link style; the drama increases with the size in millimeters! 

Paper clip - a contemporary take on the classic oval, with elongated round or rectangular links that mimic the shape of the humble paperclip. 

Marine link - characterized by an added bar support in the center of each link that gives it extra strength, so named for the style of chain used to anchor ships.

Ball - originally developed for use in manufacturing and mining, ball chains segued into wearability in the early 20th century for military use. Their simple and effective connection device has made them ubiquitous (see: a thousand novelty keychains), but they are uniquely elegant rendered in solid gold. 

Curb - named for the flat piece of rope or leather that lays against the chin of a horse's bridle. Links are twisted and flattened so the chain lays flush against the skin. We like Stephanie's slightly rounded take, inspired by the elegance of vintage watch chains, for a more everyday look.  

Rope - comprised of hundreds of small links that come together in a twisted pattern that resembles a length of rope. 

Stephanie Windsor chain styles

A quality gold chain is the building block for any outfit or occasion - they're perfect on their own, but they also make the ideal foundation for a stack of necklaces, or as the frame for your beloved charms. The truth is, it's impossible to go wrong with any style, but if you're chain-curious, we encourage you to explore our collection or stop in and try a few on to find the one that speaks to you most. 

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