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Armchair Travel

Armchair Travel

“Perfume is…a vacation from which you never have to come back.” – Marian Bendeth

D.S. & DURGA is the brainchild of Brooklyn DIY pioneers Kavi and David. David is the self-taught perfumer who conceives of and creates each scent from start to finish, while architect-turned-designer Kavi conceives the perfect home for each product, all while maintaining a commitment to levity and a clear sense of fun. 

DS & DURGA products

At Cedar & Hyde we aspire to engage all of the senses, including smell – family trips to Big Sur were the primary inspiration for the first scents chosen for the store. When we first learned about D.S. & DURGA and their cult hit Big Sur After Rain, we knew we’d found kindred spirits.  

One of their core beliefs is scent’s function as “armchair travel” - a unique ability to instantly conjure memories and unseen worlds. We especially love the effort they put into creating a detailed story from unexpected and meticulously-selected ingredients, be it an olfactory tale of bank robbers on horseback, a hot transistor radio made of sandalwood, Ukrainian coriander growing in the hills above Odessa, punk music playing in high summer, or an Atlantic ferry floating on a rose-scented breeze.

D.s. and durga perfumesTheir perfumes are an invisible soundtrack you can carry on your body throughout the day, and tongue-in-cheek playlists created for each scent complete the transportive effect – if you’re wearing your favorite perfume on your summer adventures, pair it with the perfect, custom soundtrack for your travels.

Want to explore D.S. & DURGA in person or online? We carry many of their perfumes and candles, as well as soap and hand sanitizer, so your cult fragrance needs are covered whether you’re on the go, or enjoying your own armchair travel. 

DS & DURGA perfumes

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