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Tina Frey Designs

Tina Frey Designs are all hand sculpted and designed by Tina Frey, herself, in her San Francisco studio. She brings in inspiration from the fluid silhouettes and curves of nature and translates them into resin forms.

Tina Frey hand sculpts all over her designs, and are then hand cast by her team. The collection is a collaborative effort, each piece masterfully handmade from design to finish, ensuring lasting beauty and integrity. 


Long Vanity TrayLong Vanity Tray on table
Medium Tapered BowlMedium Tapered Bowl on table
Tina Frey Designs Side TableTina Frey Designs Side Table Nude
Tina Frey Designs milking stoolTina Frey Designs stools
Short Centerpiece BowlTina frey trough in white
Bar AccessoriesTina Frey Designs Cocktail Condiments Box
Tina Frey Designs Brushed Brass Soap BottleTina Frey Designs Soap Bottle
Petite BowlPetite Bowl
Tina Frey Designs
Petite Bowl Sale price$ 76.00
Tina Frey Designs Large Pedestal BowlTina Frey Designs kitchen wares in stock
Tina Frey Designs Side Table in WhiteSide Table in White Tina Frey Designs
Large Dome on Pedestal Stand Tina Frey DesignTina Frey Design Large Dome on Pedestal Stand
tina frey studio pedestal champagne bucketTina Frey Designs Pedestal Champagne Bucket
Large Serving Board with Cheese SpreaderCheese spreader
Extra Large Tray with Leather HandlesInside of Extra Large Tray with Leather Handles
Champagne BucketSide of Champagne Bucket
Arc Tissue Box with tissuesArc Tissue Box
Tina Frey Designs Large Amoeba BowlLarge Amoeba Bowl Tina Frey Designs
Tina Frey Designs Medium Amoeba BowlTina Frey Designs Medium Amoeba Bowl in white
stackable bowlsTina Frey Designs Small Amoeba Bowl in white
Tina Frey Designs Long Charcuterie boardTina Frey Designs cheese board
Tina Frey Designs Salt & Pepper Dish White
Ice ScoopIce Scoop with large olive spoon
Tina Frey Designs
Ice Scoop Sale price$ 58.00
Tina Frey Designs Guest Towel Tray WhiteTina Frey Designs Guest Towel Tray
Large Wide BowlInside of Large Wide Bowl
Olive Dish with baguette dishOlive Dish
Tina Frey Designs
Olive Dish Sale price$ 68.00
Small Serving SpoonTine Frey Resin