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Allude is the epitome of luxury, renowned for crafting exquisite cashmere sweaters that seamlessly blend modern style with timeless elegance. Since its inception, Allude has redefined casual luxury with a commitment to quality and innovation. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, their cashmere sweaters marry traditional techniques with modern innovation, creating wearable works of art that honor heritage and contemporary design.


Slim Crewneck SweaterFront of Slim Crewneck Sweater
Slim Crewneck Sweater Sale price$ 550.00
Open CoatFront of Open Coat
Open Coat Sale price$ 645.00
Sleeveless Turtleneck SweaterFront of Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater
Shirt Jacket in TanFront of Shirt Jacket in Tan
Shirt Jacket in Tan Sale price$ 675.00
Shirt Jacket in BlackFront of Shirt Jacket in Black
Shirt Jacket in Black Sale price$ 675.00
Short Sleeve Sweater in LimeFront of Short Sleeve Sweater in Lime
Short Sleeve Sweater in BlackFront of Short Sleeve Sweater in Black
Short Sleeve Sweater in CreamFront of Short Sleeve Sweater in Cream
Ribbed Sweater in CreamFront of Ribbed Sweater in Cream
Ribbed Sweater in Cream Sale price$ 425.00
Ribbed Sweater in BlackFront of Ribbed Sweater in Black
Ribbed Sweater in Black Sale price$ 425.00
Ribbed Sweater in CamelFront of Ribbed Sweater in Camel
Ribbed Sweater in Camel Sale price$ 425.00
Cable Knit VestFront of Cable Knit Vest
Cable Knit Vest Sale price$ 425.00
Cashmere Jacket in CamelFront of Cashmere Jacket in Camel
Cashmere Jacket in Camel Sale price$ 575.00
Cashmere Jacket in PinkFront of Cashmere Jacket in Pink
Cashmere Jacket in Pink Sale price$ 575.00
allude crewneck cashmere sweaterpink cashmere sweater allude
Crewneck Sweater Sale price$ 575.00