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Pamela Love's Golden Talismans

Pamela Love's Golden Talismans

New York native and jewelry designer, Pamela Love is an artist at heart. She is known for her versatile unique pieces and offbeat, eclectic approach. The understated everyday options of her new collection have a definite modern edge and stunning composition.

"Our latest creations feature delicate versions of Pamela's favorite motifs. These golden talismans are designed to be worn and never taken off, perfect on their own or as layering pieces."

pamela love 2021 jewelry collection

Her brand is a perfect combination of old and new. New-age ideas come to life with a production focused on old techniques and traditions. The line is committed to sustainability, using only recycled metals and stones that are then beautifully repurposed into pieces with new meaning. She uses 14k gold, iridescent opals, rubies, and glittering diamonds to bring her ideas to life.

Pamela is heavily influenced by astronomy, alchemy, and architectural motifs. Each piece she creates carries an aura of modern urban mysticism.

pamela love's dagger pendant necklace

This new collection concentrates on small things with big meanings. The dagger, evil eye, and serpent all follow a theme of empowerment and hope for a better reality. The Dagger: represents protection, righteousness, justice and purification of thought. It is a symbol for cutting out negativity and what no longer serves you. The Evil Eye: symbolizing protection and good luck. The Serpent: known for rebirth, transformation, immortality, healing, and creative life force. These symbols are reimagined into artfully designed pieces perfect for the modern woman.

pamela love evil eye studs

We love the versatility of each piece Pamela makes. Her line includes jewelry made to layer, wear as a pair, or wear solo. This eye shaped stud with a dreamy opal inlay and sparkling white diamond in the center can be worn on the helix, lobe, tragus, and can be worn on its own or as a pair.

You can't go wrong with anything from this collection of infinitely mixable pieces, and we love the options she offers for entire ear. Below is a simple visual of the different types of earrings she offers and you can see even further details on her website. All of Pamela Love's jewelry is infused with symbolism and magic, and meant to be lived in and treasured forever. 

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pamela love piercing guide

Credit: Quote & Ear Diagram - Pamela Love | Model: Gilly Muniz

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