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Woodpecker creates traditional Manaita, or Japanese chopping boards, out of a single piece of Gingko tree lumber. Manaita makers hand pick and bid on Gingko lumber to source the best material for their chopping boards. The soft wood is gentle to knives and reminiscent of nature with every use.

Owner Kenji Fukui has been surrounded by woodworkers his entire life, and made his first Manaita as a gift to his wife after the birth of their first child. Fukui reminds us that the use of carefully crafted tool can bring a sense of warmth, safety, and security to into our kitchens.


Stacked Medium Ginkgo MANAITA with HoleMedium Ginkgo MANAITA with Hole
Stacked ManaitasLarge Ginkgo MANAITA with Hole
Large Rectangle Ginkgo MANAITA styledLarge Rectangle Ginkgo MANAITA
Small Ginkgo MANAITA with HandleAngled Small Ginkgo MANAITA with Handle
Medium Rectangle Ginkgo Chopping BoardMedium Rectangle Ginkgo Chopping Board with Larger size