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Merchant and Mills Folding RulerMerchant and Mills Wooden Folding Ruler
Green Tree Beeswax Home VotivesGreen Tree Home Votive Beeswax candles in Cream
Greentree Home
Votive Candles Sale price$ 28.00

2 colors available

Tea Light CandlesGreentree Home Tea Light Candles

2 colors available

Marvis toothbrushesMarvis Toothbrush in White
Breu Resin Incense in Charcona and JagubeOpened Breu Resin Incense in Charcona and Jagube
Breu Resin Incense in Palo SantoBreu Resin Incense in Palo Santo opened
Moku Linen Washcloth in BlueUnfolded Moku Linen Washcloth in Blue
Artisan Felt Coasters Set of 4Teal Artisan Felt Coasters

3 colors available

Copper Turtle GraterCopper Turtle Grater on table
Copper Turtle Grater Sale price$ 44.00
Hakahodou Owl Memo Holder BlackHakahodou Owl Memo Holder
Tadahiro Baba
Owl Memo Holder Sale price$ 48.00
Incausa copal incense scrollcopal incense incausa
Copal Incense Scroll Sale price$ 24.00
Kontex Moku Linen WashclothKontex Linen Washcloth
Moku Linen Washcloth in GreenMoku Linen Washcloth in Green
Moku Light Hand Towel in GreyMoku Light Hand Towel in Grey
Kontex Moku Light Hand Towel MustardKontex Moku Light Hand Towel
Moku Light Hand Towel in Almond
Kontex Moku Light Hand Towel AzureMoku Light Hand Towel in Azure
Apothecary soapsWorkers Soap
Hudson Made
Workers Soap Sale price$ 24.00
Morning Shift Body Barhudson made Morning Shift Body Bar
Purist Scope TopPurist Scope Top black
Scope Top Sale price$ 16.00
Olio E Osso Hand CreamShea butter hand cream
Olio E Osso
Hand Cream Sale price$ 25.00
Incausa Large Stoneware Smudge Bowl in BlackLarge Stoneware Smudge Bowl in Black Incausa
Olio E Osso BalmsOlio E Osso No.1
Olio E Osso
Olio E Osso Balms Sale price$ 28.00

6 colors available

Aesop hand blam resurrectionaesop hand balm tube
2.6 fl oz Hand Balm Sale price$ 33.00
resolute hand balm aesopaesop hand balm travel size
3.4 fl oz Body Balm Sale price$ 37.00
bixby creek cedar and hyde mercantilebixby creek candle
Hudson Made Morning Shift Hand SoapMorning Shift Hand Soap Hudson Made
Stoneware Clay Incense Burner In ShinoTop of Stoneware Clay Incense Burner In Shino
Marble and Milkweed lip balmsall natural lip balms Marble and Milkweed
Marble and Milkweed rosy lip tintOrganic lip tint Marble and Milkweed
Hudson Made Apothecary Rose Body BarApothecary Rose Body Bar Hudson Made
Incausa large smudge bowlincense bowl Incausa
Golden Hour HydrosolBathing culture products
Linen Pile Bath MittenLoop on Linen Pile Bath Mitten
Big Dipper Mineral Bath styledBig Dipper Mineral Bath
Incausa Stoneware incense burnerblack incense burner incausa
Travel Size Mind and Body WashTravel Size Mind and Body Wash with Bathing Culture products
Stoneware Clay Incense Burner in Piker White with incense stick and palo santoStoneware Clay Incense Burner in Piker White
Incausa Breu Resin Incense ParcelIncausa Breu Resin Incense Parcel Charcona & Jagube
2 oz Everyday Oils on table2 oz Everyday Oil in Mainstay
8 oz Everyday Oil with 2 oz bottle8 oz Everyday Oil
Lip Moisturizer with spf lip balmLip Moisturizer
Body Scrub Towel unpackagedBody Scrub Towel styled
Olo Fragrances Dark Wave
Olo Fragrances Palo SantoOlo Fragrances Palo Santo Perfume Oil
Olo Fragrance Cedar & Rose Perfume Oil
Olo Fragrances WyethOlo Fragrances Wyeth Perfume Oil
Olo Fragrances ErastusOlo Fragrances Erastus Tobacco/Whiskey