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People I've Loved

People I've Loved was started by a few human beings longing for connection, they are a small printmaking workshop based out of Oakland, California. They specialize in hand-printed & assembled objects, in an Oakland farmhouse with a lemon tree.


You Are My Sunshine CardYou Are My Sunshine Card with envelope
Privilege CardPrivilege Card with envelope
Merci Beaucoup CardMerci Beaucoup Card with envelope
Hold It All Together CardHold It All Together Card with envelope
Birthday Woodblock CardBirthday Woodblock Card with envelope
A Little Off People Ive LovedPeople Ive Loved A Little Off
People Ive Loved Let's Get Intense CardLet's Get Intense Card People Ive Loved
People Ive Loved Snuggles CardSnuggles Card People Ive Loved
People Ive Loved Reset Button CardReset Button Card People Ive Loved
Shit is Bananas cardShit is Bananas card and envelope
People I've Loved 99% Happy CardPeople I've Loved congratulations card
People I've Loved I like you, I love you CardPeople I've Loved Valentine's Day Card
People I've Loved Fuck It I Love You CardPeople I've Loved Cards
People I've Loved Two Peas CardPeople I've Loved One of a kind cards