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Isabel Halley Ceramics

Isabel Halley is a native Brooklyn based ceramicist who hand pinches, rolls, and paints each piece that comes out of her studio. Her unique approach to sophisticated techniques mixed with her light-hearted aesthetic lends all of her ceramics levity in their elegance.


Isabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Pinch Pots with 22 Karat Gold RimPorcelain Pinch Pot in color Natural with 22 Karat Gold Rim

2 colors available

Isabel Halley Ceramics 10z Porcelain Wine Cups Isabel Halley Porcelain Wine Cup in color Goldenrod

4 colors available

Isabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Slipcast Water Cups with bold color stripingIsabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Water Cup in color Goldenrod

5 colors available