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Humble Ceramics

Ceramicist Delphine Lippens makes dishware in Los Angeles, California. These objects have a sturdy heft, and add beauty to any kitchen.


Corked Canister front viewUncorked Canister Detailed view
Cazuelita front viewCazuelita angled top view
Humble Ceramics
Cazuelita Sale price$ 75.00
Ramekin front viewRamekin angled top view
Cazuela front viewClose up details of Cazuela
Designer BowlInside of Designer Bowl
Humble Ceramics
Designer Bowl Sale price$ 550.00
Mini Stillness Bowl in Greystone/Snow WhiteStillness collection in greystone
humble ceramics enoki bowlStacked Enoki Bowl in Sandstone/Snow White
Stacked Alder tumblersAlder Tumbler In Greystone/Snow White
Tumbler front viewTumbler Angled Top View
Cazuela Platter in Sandstone on tableCazuela Platter in Sandstone
Sandstone Stillness collection11" Stillness Plate in Sandstone
Stillness Bowl in SandstoneStillness Bowl in Sandstone
Stacked stillness pieces in greystoneStillness Bowl in Greystone
Stillness collection in Greystone11" Stillness Plate in Greystone/Snow White
Seed CreamerSide of Seed Creamer
Humble Ceramics
Seed Creamer Sale price$ 37.50
Enoki bowl stacked with stillness piecesEnoki Bowl in Greystone/Snow White