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Hansel From Basel

From Los Angeles artist, turned designer, Hannah Byun started Hansel from Basel in 2007. Her designs focus on playful socks and leg wear, while recently adding knits to her repertoire.


Rib Cashmere Knee Hi Socks in PickleToe detailing on Rib Cashmere Knee Hi Socks in Pickle
Athleisure Cashmere Crew SocksAthleisure Cashmere Crew Socks

2 colors available

Pixie Dapple Crew SocksToe detailing on Pixie Dapple Crew Socks
Hansel from Basel Felicity Cashmere CrewCashmere Felicity Crew Socks in Color Rugby

2 colors available

Miuccia Ribbed Linen Crew SocksMushroom on Miuccia Ribbed Linen Crew Socks
Weekend Short Crew Socks 2 PackSunday socks
Blob Crew Socksdetailing on Blob Crew Socks
Golly Short Screw SocksDetails on Golly Short Screw Socks
Coucou Short Crew SocksDetails on Coucou Short Crew Socks
Roots Short Crew SocksClose up of Roots Short Crew Socks
Outline Crew SocksOutline Crew Socks in camel

2 colors available

Red Cap Cashmere Crew in Beige
Terry Towel CrewToe on Terry Towel Crew
Nautical Stripe Crew SocksNautical Stripe Crew Socks in blue

3 colors available

Malcolm CrewDetails on Malcolm Crew
Love Cashmere Crew SocksLove Cashmere Crew Socks in Camel

3 colors available

Louie Wool Boot Crew in PeriwinkleDetailing on Louie Wool Boot Crew in Periwinkle
Honeycomb CB Wool CrewDetailing on Honeycomb CB Wool Crew
Dapple Crew in PepperDapple Crew Socks

2 colors available

Rib Cashmere Knee Hi in Pale BlueFoot on Rib Cashmere Knee Hi in Pale Blue
Rib Cashmere Knee Hi in Hunter GreenContrast toe on Rib Cashmere Knee Hi in Hunter Green
Utility Slub Crew in MustardUtility Slub Crew in Mustard toe
Utility Slub Crew in PinkUtility Slub Crew in Pink
Tonal Dapple Crew in PistachioToe on Tonal Dapple Crew in Pistachio
Tonal Dapple Crew in MaizeTonal Dapple Crew in Maize toe
Trouser Crew SocksTrouser Crew Socks in Dark Ochre

5 colors available

Leon Short CrewsLeon Short Crew in Mocha
Hansel From Basel Pile Crew in RosePile Crew in Rose Hansel From Basel
Italia Cashmere Cozy Rib Crew SocksDesigned in Los Angeles

6 colors available