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Gifts that shine


Wick Trimmer displayed with other Daiyo accessorieswick trimmer, faced down on table
Wick Trimmer Sale price$ 120.00
Futagami Bottle Opener EclipseFutagami Bottle Opener Eclipse in brass
Matthew Ready Key Ring Fob pinkMatthew Ready Key Ring Fob
Matthew Ready
Key Ring Fob Sale price$ 88.00

2 colors available

Fog Linen Work brass serving waresFog Linen Work brass tea caddy spoon
Brass Hair ScrewCA Makes Hair Screw
CA Makes
Brass Hair Screw Sale price$ 40.00
Fog Linen Work Brass Cake StandBrass Cake Stand Fog Linen Work
Ihada Kobo CoasterIhada Kobo Coaster with tumbler
Ihada Kobo Coaster Sale price$ 65.00
Brass Hair PinHair Styling Pin
CA Makes
Mesa Brass Hair Pin Sale price$ 40.00
Fort Standard brass candle holdersbrass handle holder Fort Standard
Futagami Trivet StarFutagami Trivet Star in brass
Trivet Star Sale price$ 86.00
Fog Linen Work medium brass spoonFog Linen Work brass spoons
Fog Linen Work brass coffee measuring spooncoffee measuring spoon Fog Linen Work
Futagami Trivet MoonFutagami Trivet Moon in brass
Trivet Moon Sale price$ 86.00
Bookend FundoBookend Fundo on table
Bookend Fundo Sale price$ 175.00
Matthew Ready Tassel Key FobsMatthew Ready Tassel Key Fob
Matthew Ready
Tassel Key Fob Sale price$ 121.00

3 colors available

Fog Linen Work Brass Cake ServerBrass Cake Server Fog Linen Work
Tether Key FobTether Key Fob
Matthew Ready
Tether Key Fob Sale price$ 121.00

3 colors available

aerial view of styled Daiyo accessoriessingle shot of square plate
Square Candle Stand styled with Rice Wax CandleSquare Candle Stand sitting on table
Square Brass Candle Stand Sale price$ 175.00
Fog Linen Work Brass Plate Rectangle Brass Plate Rectangle Fog Linen Work
Futagami paper weightsRhombus Brass IHADA Paperweight
Futagami brass piecesTriangle Brass IHADA Paperweight