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Futagami is a brass foundry founded in the city of Takaoka, Japan in 1897. They create loving brass living ware that only gets better with age. Brass products gradually change their color over the course of many years due to oxidization. The longer they are used, the richer and subtler they become.


Futagami Bottle Opener EclipseFutagami Bottle Opener Eclipse in brass
Futagami Trivet MoonFutagami Trivet Moon in brass
Trivet Moon Sale price$ 86.00
Futagami Trivet StarFutagami Trivet Star in brass
Trivet Star Sale price$ 86.00
Bookend FundoBookend Fundo on table
Bookend Fundo Sale price$ 175.00
Ihada Kobo CoasterIhada Kobo Coaster with tumbler
Ihada Kobo Coaster Sale price$ 65.00
Futagami bass crescent bottle openerbrass bottle openers Futagami
Futagami brass piecesTriangle Brass IHADA Paperweight
Futagami paper weightsRhombus Brass IHADA Paperweight
Triangle Brass IHADA PaperweightBrass IHADA Paperweights in different shapes
Futagami Bottle Opener FrameBottle Opener Frame Futagami
Bottle Opener Frame Sale price$ 65.00
Futagami Trivet SunFutagami Trivet Sun in brass
Trivet Sun Sale price$ 86.00
Large Brass Stationery TrayLarge Brass Stationery Tray
Futagami brass stationary piecesMedium Brass Stationery Tray