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Colorful Thanksgiving Table Setting

Colorful Glow

There are so many small moments to be had within creating your holiday landscape. Color can add texture and dimension even in the most minimalistic space. Perhaps it's time to explore a more dynamic color story this holiday season!


Fog Linen Brass Dessert Fork Fog Linen Work Dessert Fork in Brass
Matthew Ward Studio Medium Felix BowlsMatthew Ward Studio Medium Felix Bowl in green
Matthew Ward Studio Large Felix Jar in Coral  with Cholla Cactus Vase Matthew Ward Studio Large Felix Jar in Coral with Eye Ball Designs
C Sik Cozy Hand-crocheted CoastersC Sik Crotchet Coaster in Yellow
Coaster Sale price$ 8.00

4 colors available

Matthew Ward Studio Ceramic Felix Cup with White Glaze Ceramic Felix Cup in White with Evil Eye Design
Matthew Ward Studio Felix Jar and Bowl Matthew Ward Studio Yellow Medium Felix Jar with Lid
Matthew Ward Studio Critter in Choy and Yellow Yellow Critter Matthew Ward Studio
Matthew Ward Studio White Cholla Cactus Vase Matthew Ward Studio White Cholla Cactus Vase
Fort Standard Brass Spindle Candle HoldersFort Standard USA Made Brass Dome and Cone Shaped Candle Holder
Bzippy Triangle Ruffle Vase with display cactus insideBzippy Triangle Ruffle Vase
Triangle Ruffle Vase Sale price$ 652.00
Large Sunset Pink Clover Vase by BZippyLarge Sculptural Clover Bottle Vase
Large Clover Bottle Vase Sale price$ 512.00
BZippy Small Clover Bottle Vase in Sunset PinkSmall Hand-sculpted Clover Bottle Vase in Sunset Pink
Small Clover Bottle Vase Sale price$ 398.00
BZippy Gloss Tan Small Oval Vase Ceramic Small Oval Vase in Gloss Tan
La Rochere Ouessant 10 oz Tumblers La Rochere Night Sky 10 oz Ouessant Tumbler
La Rochere
Ouessant Tumbler Sale priceFrom $ 11.00

3 colors available

Isabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Pinch Pots with 22 Karat Gold RimPorcelain Pinch Pot in color Natural with 22 Karat Gold Rim

2 colors available

Isabel Halley Ceramics 10z Porcelain Wine Cups Isabel Halley Porcelain Wine Cup in color Goldenrod

4 colors available

Isabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Slipcast Water Cups with bold color stripingIsabel Halley Ceramics Porcelain Water Cup in color Goldenrod

5 colors available

Futagami Solid Brass Stationary Tray Futagami Small Brass Stationary Tray
Match Striker on tableMatch Striker
Kat and Roger
Match Striker Sale price$ 66.00
Weylyn Candelabra with candlesWeylyn Candelabra
Weylyn Candelabra Sale price$ 160.00
Brass cake standsSide of Small Brass Cake Stand
Large and small brass ladlesSmall Brass Ladle
Fog linen brass piecesMedium Brass Ladle
Stone Washed Linen Cocktail NapkinsStone Washed Linen Cocktail Napkin in navy

4 colors available

Futagami brass stationary piecesMedium Brass Stationery Tray
Large Standing Bowl in MossSide of Large Standing Bowl in Moss
Circle Candle Holder in Green Marble with candleassorted candle holders
Styled Triangle Stone TrivetTriangle Stone Trivet
Ds and Durga Portable Xmas Tree Candle Portable Christmas Tree Candle in glass vessel
Event Taper CandlesEvent Taper Candles in cream

2 colors available

Everyday Taper CandlesGreentree everyday home taper candle

6 colors available

Large Diamond in Gloss YellowLarge Diamond in Gloss Yellow on table
Manta Oval Serving PlatterManta Oval Platter on table
Manta Oval Platter Sale price$ 150.00
Dash Serving Spoon Set of 2Dash Serving Spoon Set of 2 on table
Dash Serving Spoon Set Sale price$ 150.00
Small Brass BowlSmall Brass Bowl on table
Artisan Felt Coasters Set of 4Teal Artisan Felt Coasters

3 colors available

Artisan Felt Placemat in stoneArtisan Felt Placemats

3 colors available

Ric Rac VaseRic Rac Vase
White Footed Cholla Cactus BowlClose up of White Footed Cholla Cactus Bowl
Large DiamondLarge Diamond on table
SIN Little Hills Table LampSIN Little Hills Table Lamp Terracotta
Little Hills Table Lamp Sale price$ 368.00
Virginia Sin denali table lampdenali table lamp sin
Denali Table Light Sale price$ 428.00
Infinity Knot on tableStyled Infinity Knot
Infinity Knot Sale price$ 80.00
Greentree Beeswax Twists CandleGreentree Home Twist Candles
Greentree Home
Twists Candles Sale price$ 24.00

7 colors available

Cone Taper CandlesGreentree Home Cone Taper Candles in cream

2 colors available

sin moth fruit bowl Moth Fruit Bowl in Speckled White
Moth Fruit Bowl Sale price$ 94.00

2 colors available

Double Loop KnotClose up Double Loop Knot
Double Loop Knot Sale price$ 60.00
Wyn CandelabraWyn Candelabra with single candle
Wyn Candelabra Sale price$ 70.00