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Our Story

Our Story

Cedar & Hyde is a rare find modern day mercantile created by sisters Christie and Poss Lambert.

We grew up in a family run business where all seven children and parents carried the load. Mother did the ordering and ran the books while Dad sold novelty items to local pharmacies, hardware stores, grocers, and gas stations. The kids did whatever they could and as often as they could be persuaded. Throughout our lives, we saw our parents business slowly decline as community supported small business gave way to bigger box stores that had no interest in the small guy like our Dad.

In looking back, we are inspired by the past and also encouraged to make different choices for the future. Instead of looking at huge margins that are provided by getting your wares from China, we’ve decided to go towards smaller margins made by people we can believe in. We wanted people to be able to walk into a space that energetically felt different. The work behind every item holds a story, and it’s that story that creates a unique feel. Good curation, cohesive design aesthetic, QUALITY and ethically made items, and stellar customer service are uber important to us. Once we started looking at this model, it took us all the way back to the concept of general stores and mercantiles that were common starting in the 14th century lasting well into the 1960’s. In the early 1900’s, the one stop shop in town offered anything from grocery necessities, gasoline, a handmade wool sweaters, kitchen towels, work wear, and basic home goods. The mercantile was an informal meeting ground for spreading news or learning a new trade. These shops were often named after the owners Surname followed by "& sons". I.E. Williams & Sons General Store. With our business name, we wanted to pay homage to our original source of inspiration, but give it a modern touch. We landed on Cedar & Hyde Mercantile by combining the historical reference with our design inspiration of raw materials such as wood (Cedar) and leather (Hide). We chose to write “Hide” as “Hyde” because we liked how it looked visually. Ironically, Hyde is a common English surname, so it all came full circle.Just like once upon a time, curiosities for men, women, and children can be found in our mix of apparel, home goods, and market items. We offer a shopping experience complete with in-depth stories about the product, a face-to-face relation with the owner, and the possibility of being surprised by a local vendor hosting a unique pop-up shop in the store on any given day. One can find anything from local bloody mary mix, to American made raw denim jeans, to wild-harvested skincare, or even Turkish goat hair rugs.

We recognize we’re certainly not the first to help take retail back in this direction. In fact, the Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent article highlighting this concept back in early January of 2014. Article Link. We did however recognize that Boulder, CO was lacking retail that had this kind of a feel. Christie had been calling Boulder home base since 1997 while doing a lot of extensive travel and gathering global inspiration. Poss had been in corporate retail for 10 years managing stores, providing visual direction and training. Once our lives opened doors at the same time to start something ourselves, a dream we had kicked around for years, we jumped on the opportunity. Poss moved from Los Angeles to Boulder in April of 2013. We signed a lease on a space almost immediately, rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Our doors opened October 1st of 2013 after working countless hours for nearly 4 months with help from generous friends, a few hired hands, and lots of YouTube videos. We had a vision to find a space that was a little bit off the beaten path that would eventually become a destination where locals could feel comfortable shopping, hanging out, shooting the breeze and perhaps just sharing a libation or two. After a bit of tweaking of the space, we felt ready to welcome our customers and new friends. We are truly blessed to have an amazing community that has welcomed us with open arms.