Body Balm

$ 97
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  • All-over body balm
  • 500 ml pump top bottle
  • Rind Concentrate Balm : Pink grapefruit, orange rind, lemon rind aroma; Fast-acting moisturizing balm for all skin types. Boosted with Citrus, Aloe and Carrot extracts. Perfect post-sun use.
  • Geranium Leaf Balm : Geranium leaf, mandarin rind, bergamot rind aroma; Exceptionally hydrating all-over body balm suited to most skin types. Enriched with a sophisticated blend of Geranium leaf and citrus extracts. Ideal post-shower body treat.
  • Hydrates skin with a non-greasy matte after-feel and refreshes the senses

Designer: Aesop | Learn more about the Designer and shop the collection.

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