Shinto Towel

Yukine Hand Towel in Grey

$ 23.00
  • Made with Shinto Towels signature "atozarashi” refining method, after the towel is woven this method removes any remaining starch or impurities from the fabric.
  • The Yukine towel is double processed to maximize absorbency and softness
  • The middle layer of a traditional 20-count, 3-ply gauze is replaced with a half-weight weave to create a towel that feels substantial, but is also fast drying.
  • Features an irregular weave that contributes a uniquely soft texture
  • Slight variation in dyes creates depth of color
  • 100% cotton
  • Measures 32.28" L X 12.99" W
  • Made in Osaka, Japan

Designer: Shinto 

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