A Global Emergency Fund For The Amazon Basin Indigenous Nations

Global Emergency fund

Governments across the globe were fast to act to protect its citizens, but the First Nations are not equipped with the same articulations to guarantee emergency & stimulus funds to prepare, fight and build upon this crisis.

While there are good examples of well-composed campaigns orchestrated by Indigenous Leaderships and Associations, the vast majority of their communities and NGOs that support their cause are widely exposed to this emergency and will not able to co-align and tackle this pandemic, especially the economic backlash that comes with it. 

Through Incausa’s established network from the Original Nations of the Amazon Basin, other NGO’s, and small independent initiatives that resonate with the cause, this exploratory campaign is able to funnel resources and financial services to the communities they serve inside Brasil. With this license, their partners in Brasil will be able to start listing all incursions of capital with no impact on other campaigns.

Global emergency fund

Incausa is a study to find meaningfulness in profit; for mindful growth: personal, community and society. Beginning by creating a product line for ritual and meditation practice that touches on the ancient traditions, that are pure in essence, materials and simplicity. And with a design that speaks of a sustainable distancing from automation to up-value the human hand touch. They collaborate with artisans, villages and associations of eight different native ethnicities in the Amazon Basin. Acting as a non-profit patron, subsidizing logistics and production, developing sustainable retail and wholesale market-placements.

With the profits of their "incausa-line" and logistics network, they are able to act as a pro bono mediator for the Indigenous productions, connecting their trade to the international market without profit share. Their study is to help support indigenous heritage and sovereignty. Building a sustainable opportunity pathway to the artisans and also the final retailers. We are honored to carry such an impactful and thoughtful brand that offers a global reach with every purchase. 

Incausa Incense

Donate nowHere is the initial list of beneficiaries (to be updated):

Kraho - Kajr'e Association
Xavante - Ripa & Cacula Association
Kayapo - Kabu Association
Yanomami - Hutukara, Demiri & Sanuma Association
ISA - Social EnvironmentalInstitute
Mehinako - Utawana Association
Kuikuro - Kuikuro Association
Cinta Larga - Cinta Larga Association
Warao - TBA


Copy contribution from incausa.com

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